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Too darn long

2012-07-02 18:44:57 by doondeka

Well... I came to Newgrounds, stayed for a few years, made a few games, a bunch of crap cartoons, left, and now I'm back.

It's been a long time.

2011-04-10 19:56:53 by doondeka

How have you been?

Deep philosophy

2010-10-23 01:43:32 by doondeka

countries aren't evil, the politics are.
laws don't kill people, people kill people.
don't hate man, hate his ways.
love man because he is real; he is flesh, not a lie.

A teaser to wet your lips.

2010-09-15 23:22:01 by doondeka

Behold the awesome.

A teaser to wet your lips.

Who am I?

2010-08-19 22:38:06 by doondeka

Am I a watcher, or a worker?
Do I play the games, or make them?
Am I the show, or the crowed?

Dang I dont know.