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Well made. Fun characters. Fun song. Just a delight to enjoy.

Just magical.

Now what I love about this "apparent series" is that humor is so unexpected and sometimes odd. Normally you'd get wise crack jokes and AIDs puns, but not here. It's about a very strange family a series of "Walk in, see this, what do" events. I hope this really goes on to become something big on the internet.

Mixed massages.

the begining was something like iRobot.
then the covenant.
then a disney channel show.
and ended something like naruto.
over all the art was not that great, the anime was ugly and amerture.
the only good looking thing in this was the ending title.

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Too much.

This game was massive in it's game play, and there was a world of things to look at and get involved with.

Yet it was flawed.
In the original game, :The Game:, you simply jumped the edge of the platform and fell to your death to receive a witty remark about what just happened.
It was funny and tracked the current trends of the time.
Yet now as we move into final game, there was too much to handle to make it complimentary to the first game.
In this gave you have physics and and platforming, making somewhat like Super Meat Boy and Super Mario Galaxy 2.
It was cool until you over used it and brought it out of trend within a few levels.
It was no longer about "Ha ha, killing yourself is funny" but more like an intense platformer striving between internet humor and game play. Sadly, the trait that made it :The Game: lost, and the humor was short lived.

Could of been better.

Let's look at its good qualities first.
*The art was O.K
*The gun effects where great
*Voices were good.
Now the bad qualities.
*Story was old.
*Mouse controls didn't help, it was to easy to click outside of the screen and freeze the game.
*The hero didn't get the boost I needed to make the effort worth while.
*The crab arm kept popping inside the screen, revealing that it is just a floating crab arm.
Now I know you you're thinking, 3 goods for 3 wrongs? Right? Wrong, the game in the end left me seeing that this is somewhat mediocre, average in a quality and game play. At least some more prompted tutorials physics engine dynamics could of helped a lot.

What a fool I was....

I wasted time, I made the wrong choices and wasted time just to see how it would be. but when the final day came and me and my daughter where as pale as ghosts, I knew I couldn't let this final moment go to waste. I took her to the park and we sat on the bench, and as it began to snow and everything was cold, we where the last people on earth and was so quite, she leaned on my side and closed her eyes, she was so still; like she was asleep. Everything became blurry as the final moments of my life drew to a close, I closed my eyes and it was over, I killed everyone on earth and did it all for a heart that soon regretted everything it had done. This game is heart warming and meaningful I can't explain it. It just brings you to cry in the end, looking at the terror you caused and the race to put it back together, it when A man has to look back in his life and think about what matters, from the final choice to that last decision...

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i have no idea how u made it but probably gunna be in me and flattheads game!!!


please make anther one


it shall be guitar weirdos 2

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It's a Kermit within a Kermit within a Kermit....

But on he other hand I was actually disappointed perfecting the endless loops by adjusting the frogs X position around the final frame of the animation.
But the style of shock and the background of a 70's retro wall paper have perfectly complimented it.

Nicol3 responds:

No I gotcha. In the actual flash it loops perfectly-- I think when I imported the images to photoshop some frames were lost (A good 10-20 of them). I've left it as is so there'd be a smaller file size. But thanks for the compliments!!

Epitome of awesome.

Thank you for bringing back the Naughty Dog veterans!
This peace is just awesome to see; however, I think you could of made the green guy a litter smaller, he looks more like a biker instead of a sage.


That, is really, really cool. Especially the style.

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