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Well made. Fun characters. Fun song. Just a delight to enjoy.

Just magical.

Now what I love about this "apparent series" is that humor is so unexpected and sometimes odd. Normally you'd get wise crack jokes and AIDs puns, but not here. It's about a very strange family a series of "Walk in, see this, what do" events. I hope this really goes on to become something big on the internet.

Mixed massages.

the begining was something like iRobot.
then the covenant.
then a disney channel show.
and ended something like naruto.
over all the art was not that great, the anime was ugly and amerture.
the only good looking thing in this was the ending title.

A 2 for effort.

I can see this is your first project, I can also tell that you didn't make the pics your self. You just tied the entire thing together in one big package using pictures you found lying all over the internet or from a T.V show with pictures, via internet. Now you the most art you allowed to participate in this was just the transparent sides to mask over the pics and backgrounds. You also just found the music lying somewhere on the internet as well, but dont get me wrong you know where to find good themes.

YamagataKyo responds:

Actually, It is from a visual novel me and my brother cropped them and it's not that easy it took us months to crop those. The game compose of 900++ JPGS 50++ PNGS. The sound is also from the visual novel and some are from the real anime.

that came out just about perfect!

The only problem I had is that there was no "chugging" when the red bull was poured into the VW Beatle. other than that! Twas awesome.

The rating lies.

The rating has lied, and I am now embarressed to be in the comany fo the people around me, I am also heavily thankful that they did not see it! but enaughf about that, lets talk about your flash!

Now this should realy be for teens, at the end, toms reaction, just bugged me to death. the video was not as good quailty as I prefer considering you just used a bunch of loops for the charater, Over all I was not impressed and a little cheated, 4 for effort.

psychicpebbles responds:


Disappoint galore.

I was exited when I saw the opening, I my mind began to race and all of a sudden, it played. The child walked onto the screen, looked like something from the 50's, the child spoke, I was confused, that did not sound a like a child, a teenager witha high pitched voice, then man spoke. "I DONT KNOW, GOOGLE IT" I was heartbroken expecting something like the voice from an atamic bomb advertisment, then a full animation with lots of kciks and giggles on how trucks worked. I was bettrayed by my imagination. In my oppinionj the flash was too short for my likings, and plus it was not even that funny, swating the truck the childs hands. not even a chuckle. although the animation was very good, yet thats nothing alone.

Billy-Chops responds:

Well I know I didn't struggle with my cartoon as much as you struggled writing this review. First off, I don't know how a truck works and why did you expect me to tell you? Go watch the discovery channel. Thanks for saying the animation was good at least. I don't know how this was a helpful review.


Twas just about perfect until I remembered how the sometimes the background would be skewed so i could see the main background, if you know what I mean...
Also, unlike the others, the better ones, bitey was more, fully lined and smooth... yet I adore the idea of new characters (A.k.a the wizard girl thing at the end).
you get 9/10 until fixed

Not at all what I expected...

I'l give at least four for all the effort i see you put into this, but!
Magicians knowing eachothers tricks my friend...I know your trick and I know you just used a bunch' of masks to make comic-like feel.
So if its that easy to get front page, lead alone a nice seat in #1 of the top 100 bests?
then it might just be to easy to be famus after all,
also I can see that you used a #2 paint brush size to make your characters, you did not even bother to shave off the edges to make it smoother, I guiss Newgrounds is loosing sight of what REEL gold is now-a-days.

4'xs watched.

i love this flash al lot, it never gets old too!

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